Sensational Sewing

Sensational Sewing

Created for the passion of possibility and the love of sewing.

Brand New:
DIY Tote Bag Sewing Kit

Ideal for beginner sewers or a fun craft project
for all ages, this DIY sewing kit has everything you
need to get started.

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High quality craftsmanship

Artisan tools created to the highest standard of quality.

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Simplicity of use

Designed with over 30 years of industry knowledge for an effortless experience.

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Perfect for all levels

From novices through to experts; sewing tools for any creative individual.

About Us

Beautifully crafted to ignite passion for making and creating, Sensational Sewing aims to bring you the best quality tools to inspire your own creativity and assist you in not only your crafting endeavors but in everyday life as well.

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Learn to sew

Our passion for sewing extends beyond creating beautifully crafted, high quality sewing tools. 

We're passionate about passing on our knowledge and love of sewing.  We love inspiring our students with the skills and tools to create and make!

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