How to make scrunchies

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The humble scrunchy is a fabulous and simple craft project and makes such a perfect gift! Especially handy with Christmas just around the corner!

Learn how to DIY a scrunchie hair tie

Scrunchies; the much loved hair tie taking the fashion world by storm. The simple accessory is becoming a must have - talk about a major comeback!

The best part about sewing your own scrunchies is that they're really easy to personalise! You can pick whatever fabric you want or use some leftover scraps of material. You can also adjust how 'scrunchy' you want yours to be by altering the length or you can adjust the width to choose how 'fluffy' they are, it's really up to you!

So here's how to make your own:

You only need a few materials to make these cute accessories; your favourite material, elastic, a bit of thread to match and a good cup of tea.

Start of by measuring the length of elastic you'll need, generally speaking, the length should be similar to the circumference of your wrist.

Once you've cut your length of elastic, use the measurement to decide how 'scrunchy' you want your scrunchy to be. I made mine by multiplying the length of my elastic x3 so it measured out to be 45cm in for the length of the material. Remember you can add more length or less length depending on the level of scrunchiness you want.

Chalk and cut out the pieces

So now chalk out your fabric with your desired length and width. I made mine at 12cm wide and had a 1.5cm seam allowance. Remember you can also change the width of yours to fit the size your wanting!

So after you've cut out your fabric and you've got your elastic handy, time to sew!

I started off by folding my strip of material lengthwise and stitching down that seam to create the tube of the scrunchy. Then taking a safety pin and attaching it to one end to easily turn the tube the right way out.

At this stage you should have a very flat looking scrunchy. Now for the fun part, take the elastic and using the safety pin again thread the elastic through the scrunchy tube, making sure to hold the other side of the elastic so it doesn't get lost!

Once you've threaded the elastic through, simply stitch together the ends of the elastic!

Tip: Remember not to let your tea go cold in the excitement of scrunchie crafting -I made that mistake :(

To close up the scrunchy, take one of the raw edges and fold it over. Thread the other edge in to the folded one so that it looks nice and neat and then stitch it down!

Voila! Scrunchy complete!

So there you have it, it really is so simple to sew and makes the perfect stocking filler or Christmas gift!

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