3 Simple reasons why you should learn to sew

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Sewing was once seen as an essential skill to master, however with the takeover of department stores and bulk production, it became a dying art form that is admired but not learned. Regardless, it's still important to know how and here's why you should learn to sew:

1. Self accomplishment

How often is it that we start a something but never finish it. Or can say that we have actually accomplished something that most of us would think practically impossible? I know that I rarely do!

Sewing brings back pride in your work and in yourself. Its the best feeling to be able to say "Heck yeah I made that"! The feeling of excitement and accomplishment when gazing down at the garment you just produced is incomparable. Especially when you believed that you couldn't do something that looked complicated until you actually tried it. You just made something that you could buy in the store, but is 10x better because you made it! Take that Myers and your expensive clothes!

2. Unique creations

Sewing your own things gives you endless possibility on what you can make and what the finished product looks like. Just imagine what you could create! Maybe a new dress? Or a pair of work pants? Or maybe even a comfy hoodie?

And the best part is... (drumroll please) you can make it to fit You! Gone are the days of trying that outfit on and it's too tight in all the wrong places and not loose enough in all the right places! Now, you can tailor it to fit you! No more pants that are too long or tops that are too short! It's a revolution!

And generic clothes no more. You can make a statement about who you are through the colours, patterns and textures that you like. Love blue gingham? Make a top! Love the colour red? How about some shorts? Show who you are! Your style, personality and uniqueness can be shown fully! And buy making your own clothes, your peers with thank you for the individual flair in your outfits compared to the eyesore generically produced clothes that they wear.

3. It's sustainable and cost effective!

In a world where bulk production is chaotic at best and damaging at worst, not to mention the amount of waste produce per year, being sewing savvy is a benefit for both your wallet and the planet. Instead of buying a new coat when you loose a button, you'll know how to mend it, saving you from buying a new coat and creating more landfill. And by making your own clothes you can avoid funding the corrupt production chain of major brands.

If that's not reason enough, I don't know what is! So then go; be your own person, show your uniqueness and be proud of what you do while saving the world - learn to sew!

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