Sewing Classes

Learn to sew

Our passion for sewing extends beyond creating beautifully crafted, high quality sewing tools.

We're passionate about passing on our knowledge and love of sewing. We love inspiring our students with the skills and tools to create and make!

Sewing classes

Learn to sew, or brush up on those sewing skills! We teach sewing classes for all ages and abilities in our Toowoomba based studio.

What you'll learn

We teach a diverse array of skills that can be personally tailored to what you'd like to learn. Start off practicing the basics through our beginners sewing guide or design personal projects. Imagine what you can create!

With over 30 years of industry experience, our CEO Sally is passionate about passing on her sewing knowledge and crafting tips.

Private -1 on l classes

Maximize your skills! The private class is perfect for anyone who wants to really focus on their sewing abilities and learn new skills!

Adults classes

An enjoyable and practical class for adults with a range of experience. No matter what your sewing level, this is the class for you.

Kids and teens classes

This friendly class is perfect for students to come and learn a valuable life skill as well as make new friends and have fun doing it.

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